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B74.2 Nova Slipper Set

B74.2 Nova Slipper Set

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**Uses B74.1 and B74.2 slipper shaft #92275, not included.  B74 spring #92234 now included**

Get the ultimate 3-plate clutch that has better driving feel, lasts longer, and has a lower mass.  Weight is 8 grams for the entire Nova Slipper Clutch assembly (minus main shaft) using the included 78 tooth spur gear.

We often get the question:  How does a slipper handle different from a center diff?

On a 4wd Electric, the center diff has a solid shaft connecting the front and rear gearbox, so the power goes evenly to front and rear, and the front cannot "diff out" and bleed power.   On entry, the front cannot freespin on brakes, so the slipper is more stable going into turns.  On power for turn exit, the front end gets equal drive and you get more on-power steering feel.   So, the center diff that can spin the front tires has an opposite feeling and is usually an advantage on lower grip where you worry about wheelspin.    The chief advantage of the Nova is that coupled with better on and off-throttle control...you get the butter smooth power and braking delivery of the Nova clutch design.

Schelle Chief Engineer Kurt Wenger created a 3-plate design which solves all of the problems racers are having with kit slipper clutches that degrade and lock-up.  In addition, it is smaller and weighs less making it the ideal slipper clutch for stock racers.  The Nova Slipper Clutch has 20% more torque capacity in a compact package that helps you put more power to the ground and lasts longer between rebuilds.  The other benefit of the Nova is that Nova sets include 2 slipper pads of each type (white and red) and a tuning guide to help racers learn how to tune the clutch for different conditions from slick to astro-turf.

Nova Features:

1.       Small 3-plate compact design ideal for racing.   8 g total clutch weight for fastest possible "spool up".

2.       Special blend Nova Spur Gears, strong, true round, and quiet running.

3.       Approximately 20% more torque capacity than a standard slipper clutch.

4.       Smooth power delivery without wheel-spin.   You won't believe how much more traction your car has and the feel under braking is smooth and predictable.

5.       Lasts longer, change your slipper pads less frequently.

6.      Hard anodized aluminum drive plates slide onto B74.1 and B74.2 slipper shaft #92275, not included

7.       4 slipper pads included with Pad Tuning Guide.  Use B74 slipper spring with 2mm gap tension on the slipper nut (baseline setting).

8.       B74.1 and B74.2 buggy Set includes 78 tooth spur gear for spec or modified racing

9.       Nova Clutch plates (SCH1319, fit Yokomo), 4 Pads, Instruction.  B74 spring #92234 now included....easy to assemble and get on the track in minutes!