It is with much excitement that we announce the launch of Schelle Racing Innovations. With months of successful planning and attention to detail, the company is now ready to make this formal announcement. Lead by Chief Engineer Kurt Wenger (formerly of Team Associated and Avid), a core group of talented individuals have come together to form Schelle with specific goals and visions for enhancing the R/C experience for enthusiasts.

Schelle motto in design: Design with Purpose. Increase Performance. Reduce Complexity.

“The entire Schelle team is excited about channeling our passion into the R/C market. The company exists as an avenue to introduce our brand of design-driven parts and accessories to enthusiasts. With a combined level of experience that spans decades in the industry, Schelle has a unique outlook on the future. We are always asking ourselves questions like “What’s next?” and “How can we make it better?”. From our products down to our packaging, we’re always thinking of ways to improve. We create and innovate in an effort to enhance our customer’s R/C experience. In short, we want our customers to go faster and have more fun driving their R/C cars and trucks!”

- Kurt Wenger


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