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Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Set 3-Gear B6.4, TLR 22 5.0

Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Set 3-Gear B6.4, TLR 22 5.0

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This bearing set has become a must-have for 17.5 stock racers.   Since winning our first ROAR Nationals with Jeremy Harris in 2014, 17.5 Racers across the nation have been getting Schelle Black Diamond Ceramics for their gearboxes.    Simply put, the Schelle bearings instantly make your car run faster and keep your motor temps lower.   We've seen drops of at up to 10 degrees from 150F to 140F from changing kit bearings to Schelle ceramics.   Reduced drag in the gearbox translates directly to more power to the wheels, and that is the name of the game in 17.5 spec class racing.

The SCH2304 is a set of 6 Ceramic Gearbox Bearing for a B6.4, B6.3, B6.2, B6.1, B6 series or B5M Factory Lite 3-Gear.  Fits Yokomo YZ2-DTM and the TLR 22 buggy series 22 4.0 and 22 3.0 with 3- gear transmissions.  Lastly fits the Kyosho RB6.6 3-gear.   This set uses 4 pcs. 5x10 mm size and 2 pcs. 10x15mm size.

Schelle Racing Innovations ceramic metal shield bearings are part of the Black Diamond series which means they are for all-out, spare no expense racing.

• Precision manufactured to ABEC-3 Standards
• Lubed with premium bearing oil
• 2 metal shield for minimum drag
• Ideal for stock racers looking for some extra speed.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Fits: B6.4, B6.3, B6.2, B6.1,  DR10, B6,  B5M Factory Lite, TLR 22 3.0, TLR 22 4.0, Yokomo YZ2 DTM, and Kyosho RB6.6 3-gear.


Maintenance and Care:

-Once a month, every 4 track days: Check bearings by spinning gearbox (pinion removed) and axles.  Listen/feel for grit or dirt in bearings

- If gritty, take apart gearbox or hub and check individual bearings.  If everything in smooth, you can add 1-2 drops of oil every other time you check the bearings.  Over-oiling can get messy and attract more dirt, so be moderate in your oiling.

-To clean, never use brake cleaner, this causes grease/lube to break down and clump, making things worse with it's harsh chemicals.  Brake cleaner will ruin your bearings.  Use  1) a citrus based degreaser or 2) Electric parts cleaner a.k.a. motor spray.  Citrus base cleaners are more safe to use since they do not contain harsh chemicals.

-Use 1) a sonic jewelry cleaner, or 2) bearing blaster to try and work out the dirt.

-Let bearings dry and re-check.  If it's clean and still gritty, odds are that the dirt has damaged and dented the rolling surface, and you need to replace your bearing.   If they are smooth, you need to re-lube with specialty bearing grease or light oil.


From Kurt "Coach" Wenger...A quick lesson on 3-gear.... I personally believe the difference in drag is nothing compared to the difference in car handling. 3-gear won't give you the feeling of more power.

There are 2 things the gearbox (and thus the motor orientation) change on the handling:

1) torque effect: When you hit the gas, with a 4-gear, the motor pitches the car to the rear, adding grip on power. The 3-gear orientation pitches the car towards the front, resisting weight transfer. The opposite is true on decelleration/brakes. 3-gear makes the motor forces resist the natural direction of weight transfer

2) gyro effect: When you turn, the 4-gear orientation makes the motor add to the lean of the car, while the 3-gear orientation resists lean.

Thus, when you drive the 3-gear, the car feels less reactive/more mellow, with less on-power traction. This is generally good for extremely high grip tracks, or drivers that want the car to stay flat in the turns....3-gear generally stabilizes the car but you need to make a few changes to get enough rear grip. I wouldn't recommend it on a loose or low-grip track.