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T6.2 Titanium Upper Screw Set (Batch #1)

T6.2 Titanium Upper Screw Set (Batch #1)

Product Code:SCH1160
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**new 1-2-2021.**

Schelle premium Titanium screws are made of Grade 5 Titanium Alloy (commonly known as 6Al-4V) with a bright machined finish to give your car that pure racing look.  Unlike Grade 2 known to be used by other brands, the Grade 5 Titanium alloy is the most desirable, giving 40% lighter weight and corrosion resistance compared to steel.  

The Schelle T6.2 upper set of 59 Titanium screws strategically removes kit steel screws from up high above the chassis, which lowers the CG and improves handling. In addion, we've included stainless steel button head screws to complete the look and keep the cost reasonable.   All chassis bottom screws are not included in this set.  M3 screws only (no swaybars or set screws, no motor screws).

T6.2 Titanium Upper Screw Set:

1.    Premium Grade 5 Titanium Alloy screws with bright machined finish
2.    59 pcs. set comes grouped by length.  
3.    15g weight savings (almost 3/4 oz). 
4.    Large sized Button Head Schelle Ti screws additional features: 1) no rust   2) sharp threads, will not unscrew   3) deep 2mm hex won't strip
5.    For T6.1 and T6.2 kits (only change is updated rear hubs to BH screws).  Set packaged in poly bags sealed by length.  Locations spec'd out below.

** Pre-Tap all holes with a steel screw or M3x0.5 tap before installation.**

Screw list (TBD, not updated):

  • M3x6 BH- Carbon Servo Mount (4), Front Steering Brace (2), Rear Body Mount (2)
  • M3x8 BH- Steering Servo Mounts (4), Ackermann Plates (4), Front Chassis Brace (2), Center Cap (4), Shock Towers (6)
  • M3x10 BH- Gearbox to Bulkhead Mount (8), Rear Tower (1)
  • M3x12 BH- Gearbox case F&R (4), Rear Wing Mount (2), Rear Hubs (4)
  • M3x14 BH- Steering Block Bushings (4), Front and Rear Shock to Arm (4)
  • M3x16 BH- Steering Rack (2)
  • M3x22 BH- Tower Standoffs (4), 


  • M3x10 FH- Rear Wing (2)
  • M3x12 FH- Diff height Adjust (4)
  • Not included:  Motor screws, Motor mount slide screws, Chassis bottom screws. M2.5 screws.