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Pro-Built 5 Hole Piston Tuning Set (4 pair)

Pro-Built 5 Hole Piston Tuning Set (4 pair)

Product Code:SCH1464
Price: $40.00
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**This package includes 8 pistons (4 flat, 4 bevel), all 5x1.5mm.  Nothing is pre-drilled.  We recommend the rear pistons to drill 2 holes larger @ 1.60mm which was the best during our 2021 testing with Kurt Wenger and Spencer Rivkin.**

This set is preferred by the Team Associated drivers with flat pistons up front and the bevel edge pistons in the rear.     Mix and match whatever combination you'd like for your surface.

The Schelle flat pistons are good all around for a more smooth surface, yet giving the car the added grip of the 5 larger holes.   The 5x1.5 base valving was updated in 2021 over months of testing and is ideal for hard bladder (waffle style like RC8B3.2) shock packages on outdoor and indoor temporary tracks or when you want initial softness and less progression (pack) initially.   For the rear suspension, we recommend starting with 2 holes 1.60mm, but for lower grip conditions we recommend drilling out a 3rd hole 1.60mm and increasing the rear oil to 42.5 wt or 45 wt AE.  

Updated in 2021 for hard bladder shocks.   What you'll notice on the track is the buggy is more plush on landings, less suspension flutter (especially in hot weather) due to the O.D. fit.   The faster rebound helps keep the tires planted and won't hop on landings.  

Hot Weather:
Front: 45wt AE (600 CST) 5 x 1.5
Rear: 40 wt AE  (500 CST) 3 x 1.50 & 2 x 1.60mm

Cold Weather (below 60F):
Front: 42.5wt AE (550 CST) 5 x 1.50
Rear: 37.5wt AE  (450 CST) 3 x 1.50 & 2 x 1.60mm


  1. Precision CNC Routed Delrin (TM) pistons, sold in Pro-Built set of 4.
  2. 4 pistons Flat edge for equal bump and rebound rates.
  3. 4 pistons Bevel edge for faster rebound and recovery in bumps
  4. Hand marked with hole diameters
  5. Reduced clearance for less blow-by on landings, the result is less "flutter" in the suspension.
  6. Fits electric and nitro Associated RC8B3.2 and RC8T3.2 (and older versions) and Mugen MBX8 and MBX8T series, XRAY XB9 buggy series.
  7. ** Add "for emulsion" in the "order notes" and we can also offer the emulsion valving, 5x1.35 & 5x1.40**
  8. Good to outfit a nitro and ebuggy!


"I used the pistons today at the track with your recommended oils and my car was about 1/2 second faster around the track. The car was more plush with more traction. Thanks for the awesome product."    -Tim F.   (MakinTraxx RC, New York)   Conditions:  Track was dry and bumpy with a loamy outside.