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B6.1 Aluminum Hub Set, Blue

B6.1 Aluminum Hub Set, Blue

Product Code:SCH1402
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Schelle B6.1 hubs are the most durable, slop-free, and elegant B6.1 hubs on the market.  Schelle broke new ground with the 1/10th  2-piece hub concept on the B5M series.  Fast forward a few years and now the best hubs on the market are available for the 67mm driveshaft setup in the B6.1 and B6.1D kits.   Available in black or blue anodize, the B6.1 hubs include the SCH1400 Offset 67mm Bearing Inserts to fit the kit axles.    Racers with B6 hubs also can upgrade the 67mm conversion inserts for B6.1 fitment.

The 2-piece Schelle hub design allows fine-adjustment and increases durability.  The upper cap design can space away from the main hub with ballstud shims, allowing racers fine “in-between” adjustments for the rear upper link location.  The upper caps are shared with the B6 and B64s design, with the same parts used both left and right.  The upper cap design with a shorter washer stack reduces leverage on the outer ballstud, as well as increasing shock clearance for the turnbuckle.


  1. Fits 67mm CVA Axles used in B6.1 kit
  2. Uses B6.1 axle height adjustment inserts for 3mm of adjustment range (trim off tiny aligment bump).
  3. Allows for future toe-in option inserts (not included, kit Associated B6 pin inserts required)
  4. 2-piece design with replaceable upper increases adjustment and durability.
  5. Shim adjustable upper link length for small "in-between" hole locations.
  6. True Geometry, matches kit parts for axle height and width.
  7. Slop-Free.  Plastic bearing inserts and hingepin set screws included.
  8. Symmetric design hub caps, same as the B6/B5M upper caps SCH1095.
  9. Reduced leverage to break ballstuds.  Uses 6mm length Heavy-Duty Ballsud (ASC91047)*. 
  10. Increased shock spring clearance for rear turnbuckles.
  11. 0 degree toe, Hubs available in Black Anodize.  Caps are black anodize.
  12. Fits B6.1 and B6.1D.   Also re-tro fits to B6 series using 67mm axles and SCH1400 inner offset insert.  Axle height inserts required (sold in ASC91697, or use from kit).

    *1mm shim and 6mm thread ballstud not included